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DEMAND AN INDEPENDENT COMMISSION TO INVESTIGATE RUSSIAN ELECTION INTERFERENCE – Dianne Feinstein D-CA – +1 202-224-3841 Busy line? Local office numbers:  559-485-7430 – Fresno  310-914-7300 – Los Angeles 619-231-9712 – San Diego 415-393-0707 – San Francisco

There is mounting evidence that the Trump administration had close contact with Russia during the campaign. Michael Flynn was forced to resign after he lied about conversations he’d had with the Russian Ambassador. Intelligence officials have stated that many allegations detailed in the 35-page dossier collected by a former British MI-6 agent are bearing out to be true. And the New York Times has reported that before leaving office, Obama White House officials left behind a trail of intelligence about Trump associates’ communication with Russians, much of which was provided by British and Dutch allies, to ensure that the evidence would remain available and in existence under the new administration.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has vowed to lead a thorough investigation into all of this, but recent events have muddied Congress’s neutrality. The White House asked Sen. Richard Burr and Rep. Devin Nunes, the top Republicans on Intelligence committees, to tamper down unfriendly news reports about the investigation, and they both complied, calling into question their dedication to uncovering the truth. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was pressured to recused himself from the investigation after it was discovered he spoke with the Russian Ambassador during the campaign, but this means a deputy or another political appointee will now replace him – which also does not guarantee impartiality.

This investigation can no longer remain dependent on partisan congressional committees or on a compromised Justice Department. An independent 9/11-style special commission into Russia’s interference must be established.

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I’m calling to request that a bi-partisan, 9/11-style independent commission be established to investigate the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. In light of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ misleading answers about his personal contact with Russian officials, and the fact that leaders of Congressional intelligence committees are discussing the investigation with the White House, it is imperative that we remove partisan politics from the equation to preserve the integrity of this investigation.

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House Speaker Paul Ryan promised the American people that any plans to repeal the ACA will be handled transparently and openly, stating: “We’re not hatching some bill in a backroom and plopping it on the American people’s front door.” However, the Republican-controlled Health subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee plans to do exactly that. Republicans in the group are currently drafting a version of an ACA repeal plan that is only available to fellow House Republicans. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) hasn’t even been allowed to view it. The legislation is being written so secretively that it will likely not undergo review by the Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan body that evaluates the cost and other potential effects of proposed legislation.

It is unacceptable that an ACA repeal plan, which could have a massive financial impact on Americans as well as affect their ability to access health care, is being written in private without input from Democrats or the American public. It is also unconscionable to develop an ACA repeal plan without considering its objective impact on things like insurance premiums, insurance coverage, and the overall federal budget. If Republicans are plotting to strip away Americans’ healthcare, they must do so openly and face the consequences of their short-sighted policy making.

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I’m calling to urge [SENATOR/REP NAME] to vote against any ACA replacement bill that has not undergone review by the Congressional Budget Office. It is critical to understand the financial impact of an ACA repeal plan before it comes to a vote.

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In 2016, the Obama Administration stood up for transgender youth by instructing all public school districts to let transgender students use the bathrooms consistent with their gender identities. President Obama’s executive order quashed a growing number of attempts by states to pass discriminatory laws, such as HB2 in North Carolina, that mandate that transgender people use public restrooms that correspond to their sex assigned at birth.

The Trump Administration revoked the Obama guidelines that defend transgender children and teens by directing the Justice and Education Departments to notify schools to stop protecting transgender students’ rights to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. Transgender students are already at a higher risk for bullying, violence, and suicide compared to their cisgender peers, and this new order endangers them further. State-level officials and educators must resist Trump’s attack on transgender children and young adults.

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I’m calling to express my opposition to President Trump’s reversal of Obama’s executive order allowing transgender students use bathrooms based on their gender identities. The real threat to school safety is not transgender students in bathrooms, but discriminatory policies that stigmatize vulnerable children and teens.

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The House recently passed HJ Res 43, a resolution to repeal a regulation that President Obama added to Title X (Ten) of the Public Health Service Act. The new family planning protection rule, enacted two days before he left office, prevents states from defunding health and family planning centers (like Planned Parenthood) because they provide abortion services.

Although the Hyde Amendment of 1976 already prohibits federal dollars from specifically funding abortions, many anti-choice lawmakers want to block *all* federal money from going to any clinics that offer abortions. This would defund all other services the clinics provide, such as cancer screenings, STD testing, infertility treatment, and other basic health support, and would devastate the lives of millions of women across the country who rely on these clinics for care. Some states have already attempted to defund abortion-providing centers by withholding Medicaid funds, but President Obama’s Title X family planning protection rule makes it harder for states to do this legally.

HJ Res 43, which would erase the Title X rule, will now be up for a final vote in the Senate. If passed by a simple majority, the resolution will land on President Trump’s desk.

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I’m calling to express my support for Obama’s Title ten rule protecting federal funding for family planning health centers, like Planned Parenthood, in every state. I strongly urge [SENATOR NAME] to vote against HJ Res 43 and keep these protections intact.

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STOP THE ROLLBACK OF OIL AND GAS REGULATIONS – Dianne Feinstein D-CA         +1 202-224-3841

Using the obscure Congressional Review Act, the House has already passed a resolution to repeal the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) methane waste prevention rule put in place by the Obama Administration. The rule limits the amount of methane that can be vented, flared, or leaked onto public lands by oil and gas drilling companies. The amount of this methane waste not only affects the environment by filling the air with disease-causing pollutants and jeopardizing the purity of lands, but it also affects taxpayer revenue. The more methane that is wasted during the drilling process, the fewer natural gas royalties taxpayers can collect. Without regulating the amount of methane waste, an estimated $800 million could be lost in direct payments to the public over the next decade.

The House resolution to repeal the BLM methane waste rule, HJ Res 36, now heads to the Senate for a vote, expected soon.

Your script:  Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY, ZIP]. I’m calling to urge [SENATOR’S NAME] to vote against HJ Res 36 and keep in place the BLM methane waste prevention rule. It is a necessary protection for both taxpayer revenue and the cleanlines of our air.

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